Search Engine Optimization

Your website placement in search engines is vital to the number of times potential customers will go to your site.  Consumers put a higher "value" on sites that are closer to the top of the search results.  To reach the top of the search engine your site must be properly optimized. 

Optimization is a complex process that involves analysis, experimentation, and customization. Nexix is experienced in delivering sites that are properly optimized and maintaining them so that they stay optimized. 

Optimization Services:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    SEO is the process of improving the placement of a web site in the ranking search engines via "organic" searches.  SEO considers how search engines are designed to work along with how people will be looking for your product or service.  Optimizing your website will involve reviewing content, keywords, URL links, landing pages, and meta tags.  It is an evolving process as search engines change as do hot search topics.

    Nexix will work with you to produce a site that is more likely to have a high organic placement.  SEO is a never ending process and requires constant review and adjustment.  We will monitor and adjust your site for a fee to optimize the SEO and thus your placement.

  • Keyword Analysis

    Having the keywords and phrases the customers are searching for within your site are critical for placement.  Once the keywords are identified their usage and placement in the text needs to be adjusted for maximum benefit.
  • Traffic Pattern Analysis

    Knowing where your customers are coming from can help you adjust your site for maximum conversion.  We can tell you geographically, as well as how long they  spend on your site.
  • Landing Pages

    People surfing the web need to find the information they are searching for on the page they land on within your website.  Having the customer land on your home page when they are interested in a specific product will normally result in them leaving your site quickly.  Once you know your keywords and the geography of your customer you want them to go DIRECTLY to the item or the service they are searching for.

Website Portfolio

This portfolio section randomly displays sites created by Nexixweb. Click on the image to head to the Showcase page to see more examples of sites created by Nexixweb.

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