E-Commerce Solutions for Business

If your business is looking to capitalize on the growing e-commerce market you will need a solution that is well planned and flexible.  Entering the e-commerce market place can lead to a far greater market reach and rapid sales with little cost of delivery.  Traditional business has focused on attracting customers to come to a specific location and then to be served by your staff which hopefully results in a sale.  The cost of advertising, physical space, and staff are high while having a very limited geographic reach.  E-commerce expands your market radically while having little increase on your costs of delivery.

Features of Our E-Commerce Solution

  • Product Management
    Ability to define and classify products quickly and easily.  Products can have attributes or grouping sets so as to increase the ease of use for the customer while browsing your site.
  • Cross-selling Features
    Ability to sell a product that is complimentary to the item selected by the customer.  Our solution offers a simple way of defining products so that cross-selling of products is enhanced and easily maintained.
  • Product Review
    Common to e-commerce is the ability for customers to post a review of the product. It has been found that items with a posted review sell better than items with no review.  Our solution allows for product reviews to be turned on if the company wants the functionality.
  • Extremely Flexible Price Management
    Our solution allows for promotional pricing along with special pricing for groups of customers.  Quantity discounts can also be set up and maintained.
  • Product Grouping and Catalog Management
    Ability to group like products so that a customer can search and compare.
  • Tax Management
    If your reach has now expanded you will need to manage sales tax.  Our solution has a built in method of setting up, displaying and collecting the appropriate sales tax.
  • Simple Check-Out Procedure
    A one screen check is simple for customers to complete sales and thus results in a greater number of completed transactions.  Our check out has a simple interface for credit card processing.
  • Integrated Shipping Functionality
    Ability to integrate with major shipping providers and to set shipping rates based on the shipping option the customer selects.
  • Tracking Orders
    Ability for your staff and customers to track the process flow of an order from start to delivery.

Website Portfolio

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