Content Management System

You want a beautiful website that matches your business style, your philosophy and company feel. But after the site is built, you don't want to pay for simple content changes. You're willing to edit the content yourself if it is easy and intuitive.;

Site Creation

Our experience is that most businesses do not want to take the time to do the design, create the layout, edit the graphics and add advanced functionality such as shopping carts, or blogs to their site, they would rather a company such as Nexix do that work. After the site is up and running most companies want to have a site that they can easily update and maintain the content. They want it to be a reflection of their active company, but do not want to pay a web developer each time there is a change required.

Control of Content

This is where Joomla's content management system comes to the rescue. Anyone with basic skills can add or edit content to your site. With Nexix developing the complex aspects of your site, you will be able to focus your attention on developing your business, yet have a site that you can maintain. Below is a picture of the interface for adding and changing content.

Wsywig editor screen

If you run into any issues we are always available to help. To read more on the Joomla CMS click here.

Advanced Features

Most companies find their requirements for new features such as blogs, photo albums or shopping carts grow over time as their company grows.  This is where Nexix can come in to enhance your existing site with new advanced features.  You maintain the content, and we will maintain the site. 

Website Portfolio

This portfolio section randomly displays sites created by Nexixweb. Click on the image to head to the Showcase page to see more examples of sites created by Nexixweb.

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